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Dick’s Sporting Goods Stock Value Changes with Sale/Non-Sale News

Insider trading laws are meant to discourage those with “insider” access to company information from getting a leg up on other investors in the markets who do not have access to this nonpublic information about a company that indicates its stock price may go up or go down (thus prompting a rush to buy or

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Delaware Court Refuses to Nullify California Non-Compete Provision

What are ‘Non-Competes’?  Many employment contracts include a provision called a “non-compete,” which is a set of restrictions that the hiree agrees to abide by when his or her employment is over. This will tend to limit the person’s ability to find employment in the same industry or sector in the same geographic area for

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Yahoo Will Spin Off Its Alibaba Holdings, Not Pay Much in Taxes

When popular search engine and major Silicon Valley company Yahoo looked to rebrand itself and get back strength in the industry and market, it whisked away former Google executive Marissa Mayer to take over as its chief executive officer. Ms. Mayer has worked to engineer a comeback for Yahoo, and part of that has included

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After Steep Decline, California Rebounds Against Fellow State Texas

We have previously covered the fairly voluminous legislation signed in recent years that were set to take effect with the drop of the ball and the turn of the New Year. We also previously detailed certain legislation or overall policies that have frustrated business owners, prompting chief executives and other corporate chieftains to declare California

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Shareholders Approve Family Dollar-Dollar Tree Merger

While “dollar stores” may carry the connotation and stigma of places to buy inexpensive goods such as food, clothing, or household items, do not let the word “dollar” fool you when it comes to major mergers or acquisitions in that sector. We previously posted about Dollar General’s $8.9 billion, or $78.50 per share, offer to

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New California Laws Include Pro-LGBT Business Statute

As the Los Angeles Times recently reported, there were hundreds of new laws that became effective at the stroke of midnight of the new year.  These laws affect a broad array of interests for Californians everywhere. Among these many new laws, there are some that will directly affect business in the state. 2015 Laws for

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Merger Approval Would Put Dodgers in More Homes

Across sports, television blackouts have historically been a tactic used by leagues and franchises to ensure that fans show up to the ballpark rather than stay home and watch ballgames. Now, however, it is the prospect of government action that could result in the Los Angeles Dodgers still not making it into a reported 70%

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Will DuPont Have a Proxy Fight on the Horizon?

Among the different strategies and tactics an investor, fund, private equity firm or other entity can use to take over control of another company, a proxy fight is a popular way. Typically when a friendlier offer is made for such a merger or acquisition and is rejected outright, the offeror will move from that friendlier

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