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Trading in a High Tech World

As computers become more sophisticated and process information faster than ever, everything we do has been enhanced and made more efficient in our personal lives and professional lives. The same can be said for trading stock in the marketplace. Trades on Wall Street exchanges like the Standard & Poor’s (S&P 500) or the Dow Jones

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Employee Protections in the Private Sector

In the last twenty years, the emergence of whistleblowers has had a profound impact on the financial and banking sectors. A whistleblower is an individual, typically an employee, who by way of that employment is privy to information that some fraud, illegality, or impropriety was committed by their company – typically committed by or condoned

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The Decades-Old Mutual Bank Conversion

What is a Mutual Bank? In the last few decades, there has been a less publicized but still very interesting trend of small community “mutual” banks converting to publicly-traded banks. Community banks are typically the smaller local or regional banks that serve the community, as opposed to the bigger national banks. Community banks are depositories,

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