The De Cárdenas Law Group provides business entities with a broad spectrum of legal advice in multiple areas of contract law that achieves our client’s goals while protecting and safeguarding their interests. Our firm represents a wide variety of entities from large corporations to family owned businesses, and emerging companies.

Formulate, Negotiate & Enforce
Our substantial experience in drafting, editing, reviewing, negotiating and enforcing contracts allows us to manage all aspects of the contractual process and transaction for our clients in a way that keeps the long-term strategic goals of our clients in mind. A sampling of some of these contracts include: general goods and services, equipment purchase, buy-sell, licensing, cross promotion, agency, non-compete, employment, independent contractor, confidentiality, severance, real estate, leases, software, distribution, private placement documentation, promotional sweepstakes, and banking contracts.
Mitigate Risk & Liability
Contracts must clearly detail the terms and conditions of a transaction at the same time as they mitigate risk and liability. There are many issues that can arise when negotiating and finalizing a contract. We work with our clients to ensure that that the technical issues such as performance, payment terms, performance withholdings, project or contract milestones, early terminations, covenants, warranties, confidentiality, good faith dealings, attorney’s fees clauses, and forum clauses do not interfere with our clients’ ability to make advantageous contracts. Our in depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses allows us to advise them properly on a broad range of contract issues and gain favorable terms for our clients.


We seek to aid the smooth functioning of your business and drive toward an outcome that benefits your long-term vision for your business. When renewing or extending existing agreements, we again take the long-term view, seeking to address any prior issues while structuring a deal that benefits you over the strategic course of your business.