The De Cárdenas Law Group advises businesses concerning corporate requirements and good practices to ensure senior management, board members and shareholders are in accordance with company objectives, policies and legalities to promote company harmony.

The doctrine of corporate compliance is a set of rules and procedures a business adopts and maintains to establish and police the relationship amongst various roles within the organization, such as senior C-level management, board of directors, shareholders and key third party advisors such as accounting firms or lending partners. Corporate governance guidelines are designed support the shared interests of these participants and add transparency and accountability to the process of how the organization is operated and reports its key metrics or financial statements.

Areas of compliance include:

  Ethics policies
✓  Audit committees
✓  Conflicts of interest
  Duty of loyalty
  Duty of care
  Fiduciary duties
✓  Best judgment rule

In addition, Corporations require a high degree of organization and maintenance. Corporations should make a concerted effort to create bylaws and maintain minutes of shareholder and board of directors meetings. Failure to meet these specific legal requirements can cause the benefits and protections of a corporation to be voided thereby causing the shareholders to be held responsible for the debts and liabilities of the corporation.

The De Cárdenas Law Group can assist with corporate compliance matters and the upkeep required to maintain your business in compliance.