The De Cárdenas Law Group has a special appreciation for closely held businesses and family-owned business since our CEO represents his own family’s business, which is entering its fourth decade of operations with national distribution in the United States.

We have developed the knowledge to manage the expectations of all parties involved with the end goals of promoting:

  Efficient corporate governance
  Balancing family / shareholder priorities and expectations
  Promoting financial success

In performing the outsourced general counsel function we advise and counsel on a broad range of matters as would an in house counsel. This requires us to provide legal advice drawing from the various disciplines of our practice. Proceeding in this capacity, we handle almost all aspects of a company’s daily legal needs. By utilizing our general counsel consulting services, a family owned or closely held business can have the advantages of an internal general counsel, on an as needed basis, without incurring the overhead of a full time general counsel position.

Our deep, lasting client relationships give us a thorough understanding of our clients’ operations and culture. It is this deep understanding that drives our solutions-based approach for long-term success. Often, we work hand in hand with our clients’ accountants, bankers, and other advisors to achieve the mutual goals we share.  Should a specific project require a specialist, our attorneys will assist in the identification and, if needed, management of such specialist. We seek to help our clients engage and manage the services of these professionals in a strategic manner.