At the De Cárdenas Law Group we understand the need for legal counsel when dealing with any commercial lease or commercial real estate related transaction and we help guide our clients through this lengthy and tedious process. Our clients trust us to review or prepare leases, commercial real estate documents and other related transactions to protect their interests. The De Cárdenas Law Group handles a full spectrum of real estate issues and transactions.

Commercial Real Estate Purchase
Considerations include due diligence, clear title, pollution conditions, phase I & II environmental assessments, land appraisals, easements and other conditions that can impact quiet enjoyment
Commercial Lease
Considerations include common area maintenance fees, capital expenditure projections and obligations, pollution liability, landlord property tax assessments should the building be sold, identity of other tenants, sublease restrictions, usage restrictions, insurance requirements, and landlord or tenant covenants and warrantie


We are experienced on all sides of these matters and represent a variety of clients in this area including:

  Commercial Sellers
  Commercial Buyers
  Commercial Leasors
  Commercial Lessees