Employment law is constantly evolving – at the federal, state, and local levels. Our employment law practice seeks to keep your business one step ahead of the changing legal environment and provide proactive counsel to keep you in compliance with all necessary laws and regulations.

Perhaps the most obvious legal issues causing concern amongst business executives in California are labor and employment laws. California has become a hostile and costly environment for employers, as a result California businesses must make a concerted effort to stay compliant with state labor laws or they could be subject to costly litigation, which can expose any business to damages, plaintiff’s attorneys’ fees, taxes, and penalties.

The De Cárdenas Law Group assists our clients by crafting materials to put employees on notice of employment policies. We ensure that these policies comply with all applicable law and protect the business against employment related lawsuits.

We help our clients draft:

  Workplace handbooks
  Employee policies
  Arbitration agreements

The De Cárdenas Law Group seeks to engage with our clients on a deep level to provide the best possible legal guidance on these complex issues – with the goal of addressing change before it rises to the level of a dispute. We believe that prudent business decisions in this arena can provide a company with a strong framework for employee retention and financial success. The De Cárdenas Law Group can oversee a full compliance audit for your facilities. We can also evaluate your company’s compliance with internal policies and advise you on any modifications needed to reduce the chance of misconduct, complaints, punitive actions, or litigation.