The legal protection of your company’s intellectual property – including your brand identity, logos, proprietary information and other material – is one of the key issues facing businesses today.

Since most companies spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars to develop intellectual property and establish their brands, safeguarding these assets is of paramount financial importance.

The De Cárdenas Law Group can help with all aspects of brand and trade protection including:

  Preparing trademark, service mark and copyright applications
  Searching for available names and marks
  Negotiating and drafting licensing and royalty agreements
  Assisting with name and mark dispute resolution
✓  Advising and assisting with Internet issues in the brand and trademark sphere including domain names, website usage issues, and privacy policies
✓  Crafting Confidentiality Programs to Protect Confidential Information and Trade Secrets

Like many areas of the law, this sphere is constantly changing as new technologies and new developments in business hasten change and bring uncertainty. Our specialists in this area seek to keep our clients prepared for any changes and to provide the protection needed to support this key component of your business.