Confidential Information is an intellectual property concept protecting a variety of information that does not amount to a trade secret.

Unlike trade secret statutes which are carefully defined in the civil code, confidential information is a body of ideas, concepts, information that a company considers confidential and proprietary to its operations but does not meet the trade secret qualifications.

Examples include:

✓  Manufacturing processes
  Customer information
  Sales data
  Marketing information
✓  Programs
✓  Other programs

Like a trade secret, confidential information must not be generally known to the public.  Since there is no registration process for confidential information, they are generally protected by confidentiality measures including employee agreements, consultant and contractor agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and other measures.

If your business has any innovations, technology, information, process, formula, or other concepts that you believe should be treated as confidential information, the De Cárdenas Law Group can advise you on all steps of a comprehensive protection program to guard your information. We can also represent your business in disputes arising over breach of confidentiality. Our goal is to align your strategic business goals with a set of policies and procedures so your valuable information – your company’s intellectual property – continues to produce value.