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Class-Action Lawsuit Against Ride-Share Company Uber May Test California Employment Law

Ride-sharing startups are stirring things up in California.  Ride-sharing companies, such as Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and FlightCar, are in the business of providing vehicles-for-hire.  Using mobile apps and other online programs, these ride-sharing companies connect users in need of transportation with non-professional drivers driving their own cars.  In 2010, the California Public Utilities Company (CPUC)

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California Supreme Court Again Delves Into Arbitration Agreements

The Federal Arbitration Act of 1925 (FAA) provides that arbitration agreements are “valid, irrevocable and enforceable, and entitled to the same respect as other contracts.”  In spite of this, the California Supreme Court several years ago struck down an arbitration clause in a consumer agreement because the arbitration agreement did not permit the consumer to

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