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Patent vs. Copyright Protection for Computer Software

Computer software can be protected under both patent and copyright law. Which avenue provides a better safeguard has been the subject of heated debate, both nationally and internationally. Here, we consider the advantages and disadvantages of both as a means to protect your company’s intellectual property. Copyright Protection for Software The U.S.Copyright Act gives a

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Copyright Basics

What Kinds of Materials can be Copyrighted? Under the copyright statute, an author or creator can register the following kinds of works for protection: Literary works; Musical works (including any accompanying words); Dramatic works (including any accompanying music); Pantomimes and choreographic works; Pictorial, graphic and sculptural works; Movies and other audiovisual works (such as television);

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Fair Use and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is an important law for copyright owners, as well as for internet service providers who provide an avenue for people to showcase possibly copyrighted works. Under the DMCA, a copyright owner policing his or her copyright can send an internet service provider a takedown notice if the owner believes

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Choosing the Right Intellectual Property Protection for Your Software

United States laws provide four main ways to protect your intellectual property. A business may choose to use copyright, patent, trademark, or trade secret laws to build a strong intellectual property portfolio. In cases where a protectable intellectual property asset could fall under multiple categories, the choice deserves great consideration and strong legal guidance. One

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The Importance of Copyright Protection

Copyrights comprise a unique and incredibly important part of intellectual property law to preserve the rights of individuals and businesses to use and benefit from that intellectual property. Put simply, a copyright is governed by federal law in the United States, and gives an exclusive right to the original creator of a type of work

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