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Farmers Face Problems on and off the Farm

Agriculture and the farming industry is important for the health of our economy and our nation. Food production is a necessity. When farmers are in crisis and face challenges in their work, it impacts the entire industry and the food supply of our nation as well as others who depend on food from American sources.

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Superweeds are Creating Super Problems

Farmers around the nation are concerned with the proliferation of “superweeds” that are affecting their crops. These-extra strength weeds are difficult to kill. They are becoming resistant to the most popular herbicides, such as Roundup. Currently, there are over 61 million acres of American farmland overtaken by weeds that are resistant to Roundup. Herbicide resistance

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The Effects of Hurricane Irma on the Citrus Industry

Hurricane Irma has left devastation behind that has not only impacted the lives of people but also the growth of certain fruits and vegetables, in particular, citrus. The citrus industry is already struggling, and now many are bracing for the long-term effects of Hurricane Irma on an already fragile industry. Experts are now concerned that

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The Effects of Climate Change on Food

Food is one of our society’s major necessities. One of the biggest threats to the security of food is climate change. Climate change is considered to be any change in a climate system, which may include volcanic eruptions, adjustments in solar activity, or changes in weather patterns. The changing weather patterns that are becoming more

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American Farmers in Crisis

If farmers in the U.S. stopped producing crops and livestock for our dinner tables, it would be devastating to us all. The idea may seem far-fetched to most people, but it is not too far out of the realm of possibility. The American farming industry is in crisis, and the American farmer is struggling to

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Attracting More Young People to Jobs in Agriculture

In the eyes of many younger people, agriculture does not have a positive image, and that should change to keep new energy and ideas in the food industry. Some young people see the industry as boring and unimportant. As the farming population continues to age, it is apparent that younger blood needs to be pumped

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The concept of foodscaping is growing in popularity, and more people are starting to embrace this new trend of growing food. Foodscaping is the integration of edible foods into your home landscape design. You can grow healthy, sustainable food and enjoy an attractive landscape around your house at the same time. It can be a

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Diversity in Agriculture and Food Production

Attracting more minorities and veterans to the farming and food industry has gotten easier with the USDA’s Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers Program, also known as the 2501 Program. The program enables community organizations and others to work directly with minority groups to help them buy,

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Understanding Agriculture Surveys

Various agriculture surveys are consistently being conducted throughout the year by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). These surveys allow farmers, ranchers, and food producers to reveal important information about their farming and food-producing practices that help keep food products and livestock safe for human consumption. The information is published in various farm publications and

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Unusual Cow Feed

Your kids may not be the only ones who have a craving for the popular candy, Skittles. It seems cows have a sweet tooth for the sugary sweet, too. A few weeks ago, tons of red skittles were found on a highway in Wisconsin. Apparently, the candy had fallen off a truck that was on

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