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Eating Healthy in 2017

Almost everyone makes a New Year’s resolution each year. A new year often brings a desire to make positive changes in one’s life. The goal to eat better or be healthier is usually at the top of most lists. To keep your new year’s wish of eating healthy throughout the year, one must be committed

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FDA Seeks Comment on “Natural” Labelling

We all want food that is good for us and safe to eat. Many of us rely on food labelling to give us that kind of information about the products we buy. What could be better than something natural? Use of the word “natural” on food labels is on the rise as health-conscious consumers seek

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Food Producers React to New Dietary Guidelines

Every five years the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) jointly issue a new set of dietary guidelines establishing food recommendations for all Americans over the age of two. According to the federal government, these guidelines are designed to reflect the current best understanding of nutrition science.

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Farm Fresh in a Click

In today’s world, you can get almost anything online, and you can get it delivered to your doorstep as fast as you want at a slight additional cost. These conveniences have spread to most everyday needs and include delivery of groceries and even frozen food. However, there is still room for expansion in this market

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California’s Cottage Food Laws: “Small Business Food Vendors Are Held to the Normal Standard”

Have you ever ordered a meal from a church that was fundraising or purchased produce from an old man on a street corner? Have you bought baked goods from the local farmers market? If so, it is highly unlikely that you concerned yourself with whether they had followed food service regulations or the grade they

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