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Intellectual Property Matters

Start-ups and small companies often rely heavily on their intellectual property (IP) as they grow their businesses. An intellectual property attorney can ensure that you understand the significance of your IP at every stage of your company’s development. An attorney can tell you about copyright, trademark, and patent rights. Copyrights Copyrights protect original creations that

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IP and Your Business

A company’s intellectual property is a valuable asset to a business. It can significantly increase a firm’s net worth, and it can be a tool used to attract potential investors to the company. When a company experiences a violation or theft of its intellectual property, the company can file a lawsuit against the perpetrators. Copyrights,

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How to Know if Your Invention is Patentable

Knowing the proper steps to determine the patentability of an invention is vital when asking the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) to patent your creation, product, or service. Entrepreneurs and business owners should examine their inventions to ensure they can be patented. Many inventions fail to be granted a patent because the inventors

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What Can be Copyrighted?

A copyright is an important part of your intellectual property. Many times entrepreneurs and companies fail to understand the importance of a copyright and do not know what items in their intellectual property should be copyrighted. An experienced intellectual property attorney can help you better understand copyright laws and know the items you should include

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Who Owns Employee Inventions?

If one of your employees invents something new while working for you, who owns that invention? Who has the right to patent, sell, or license it? You may be surprised to learn that all your employees’ inventions belong to them, in the absence of a written agreement or other exception to the general rule. It

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Patent vs. Copyright Protection for Computer Software

Computer software can be protected under both patent and copyright law. Which avenue provides a better safeguard has been the subject of heated debate, both nationally and internationally. Here, we consider the advantages and disadvantages of both as a means to protect your company’s intellectual property. Copyright Protection for Software The U.S.Copyright Act gives a

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Damages for Patent Infringement: Apple v. Samsung

Apple and Samsung have been locked in a legal battle for years regarding Samsung’s alleged infringement of design elements from Apple’s iPhone. Now, a report from the ABA Journal says that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear Samsung’s appeal to overturn a $399 million verdict against it for design infringement. According to the ABA Journal,

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Protecting Intellectual Property Abroad

As this blog has discussed on numerous occasions, your company’s intellectual property is one of its primary assets. Protecting that intellectual property is critically important. With the increasing globalization of the economy, however, you must take steps to protect your intellectual property rights internationally as well as at home. A U.S. patent or trademark registration

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What Constitutes a “Likelihood of Infringement” in a Trademark Case?

In September of 2015, according to this report from Business Insider, sportswear manufacturer Adidas filed suit against its rival Skechers alleging trademark infringement of one of Adidas’s iconic sneaker designs.  Adidas alleged that Skechers’ Onix shoe impermissibly copies the design of Adidas’s Stan Smith model, made famous in the 1960’s by renowned tennis player Stan

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Copyright Basics

What Kinds of Materials can be Copyrighted? Under the copyright statute, an author or creator can register the following kinds of works for protection: Literary works; Musical works (including any accompanying words); Dramatic works (including any accompanying music); Pantomimes and choreographic works; Pictorial, graphic and sculptural works; Movies and other audiovisual works (such as television);

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