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Publicly Trading Stock in NFL Players

As many know, companies often file for initial public offerings (IPOs) in order to become publicly traded entities. The prime motivations for doing so is to bring in more capital (in the form of cash) with which those companies can expand operations, invest in research and development, invest in more employees, and take greater chances

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Citizens’ Financial the Latest Midsize Lender To Go Public

As we have covered repeatedly in the past, initial public offerings (IPO) are the major step taken by companies that were once private but seek to go public. Going public means becoming listed on an exchange as a publicly traded entity, and the company must go through numerous hoops and over many hurdles. Among these

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A Re-Visit of Going Public as Alibaba Makes Its Offering

Anyone that pays even marginal attention to financial news and the markets may have at least heard mention of the name “Alibaba.” The Alibaba Group has captured headlines increasingly over the last several months, as it has grown from a mere startup company to a mammoth on the Internet in line with other companies like

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