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Why it is So Hard to Get USDA Organic Certified

One big hurdle organic farmers have to jump through is getting USDA organic certified. While you certainly can run your organic farm without being certified, you will not be able to put that “USDA certified” stamp on your business, which can give your business a lot of credibility in the eyes of consumers. The process

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Challenges Unique to Organic Farmers

  Despite a 6% nationwide increase in sales in 2017, organic farms still only amount to about 1% or less of the total farmland acreage in the United States. That is because organic farmers face many challenges that other farmers do not face, some which are listed below. If you own an organic farm or

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Young Farmers are Growing by the Numbers

The organic food industry is experiencing a surge in interest among young people. Many millennials are going into the field and becoming organic farmers. There is a youthful vigor that is growing within the agricultural industry in America. Their presence is adding new life to an ancient and important profession. In the past, the average

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Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is an emerging trend in the agriculture industry. It is a method of farming that prohibits the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, increases biodiversity, and enhances the ecosystem. The practice is embraced by farmers and food growers who encourage and utilize organic farming methods. The Rodale Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to

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The Decline in Organic Milk

At one-time, organic milk was wildly popular with health-conscious consumers. Supermarkets could not keep organic milk on the shelves. Now, the organic milk industry is experiencing  a significant decline in demand. Organic milk is produced from cows that have not been treated with antibiotics. Organic milk cows eat organically certified feed, and they graze in

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‘Tis the Season for Pumpkins

We are in the season of one of America’s favorite fruit – pumpkins. As we approach the last major holidays of the year – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – pumpkins will be center stage on the tables of many homes while celebrating the holidays. Pumpkins are a popular treat during the fall season. Consumers will

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Dead Zones are Getting Larger

Every summer a dead zone develops in the Gulf of Mexico. A dead zone is a place where water does not have significant oxygen for fish to live. As a result, all the marine life in  dead zone does. The impact of dead zones extends beyond fish and reaches humans, as well. Dead zones are

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Native American Contributions to the Modern Food Industry

Native American tribal communities have played a major role in cultivating the food industry in the United States as we know it. They were the first caretakers of the land. Those early Native Americans learned that if you take care of the land, the land will take care of you. They were the original sustainable

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The History and Evolution of Organic Foods

Organic foods are nothing new. Your grandparents and great grandparents probably grow up with organic foods. We are now just hearing more about them in the news and latest food trends. Prior to World War II, all crops were organic. Farmers and food producers used natural methods to nurture the soil and control pests. After

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Marketing Your Organic Crops

Individuals, desiring to grow healthy and nutritious homegrown organic vegetables for their communities, families, and friends should select a marketing strategy that works for their food business or farm. Before you start marketing your produce, you should make sure it is market ready. This means the crops are high-quality products that people would like to

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