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California Supreme Court Again Delves Into Arbitration Agreements

The Federal Arbitration Act of 1925 (FAA) provides that arbitration agreements are “valid, irrevocable and enforceable, and entitled to the same respect as other contracts.”  In spite of this, the California Supreme Court several years ago struck down an arbitration clause in a consumer agreement because the arbitration agreement did not permit the consumer to

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Avoiding Securities Fraud Class-Action Lawsuits

Velti is a company with offices all over the world, including in the Silicon Valley area.  Founded in 2001, the company is a provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology for brands, advertising agencies, mobile operators, and media groups.  Velti’s main clients are telecommunications providers around the world such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.  Last

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U.S. Supreme Court Hears Gene Patent Case

The United States Supreme Court has been busy this term with cases affecting intellectual property.  Remember recent news surrounding the Monsanto/Roundup Ready patent infringement case, which could have significant implications for California farmers?  This time, the issue is not soybean seeds, but the patentability of human genes, and the Supreme Court’s decision could have a significant

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