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Two Legislative Victories for Startups and Entrepreneurs

As 2013 winds to a close, and friends and family gather at Thanksgiving tables across the country, startups in California and across the United States are giving thanks for two legislative actions.  The first legislative initiative, and one which impacts startups across the country, concerns an issue we have discussed many times over the last

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California Businesses Must Comply With Green Chemistry Initiative

California is often viewed as the most politically progressive state in the country and a leader in passing health and safety initiatives.  For example, California was the first state to ban smoking in offices and restaurants and the first to require bikers to wear helmets.  While it is sometimes difficult to keep up with California’s

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Businesses Can Face Significant Costs From Workplace Bullying

Two weeks ago, Jonathan Martin, an offensive lineman with the Miami Dolphins, left the football team amid claims he was being bullied and harassed by teammates.  The main perpetrator of the alleged bullying and harassment appears to be Martin’s fellow offensive lineman, Richie Incognito, who allegedly sent threatening and racially charged texts to Martin.  Incognito

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Small Businesses Must Protect Themselves From Fraud and Cyber Attacks

Small businesses may believe that because of their size they are not targets for fraud, identity theft, and cybercrime, but this is not the case.  Every day, small businesses become victims of fraud and cyber attacks.  In fact, small businesses have a higher fraud rate than larger companies and non-business owners.  From credit card abuse

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