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Happy Birthday, Dodd-Frank!

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, known in short as “Dodd-Frank,” just turned 4 years old this month. In mid-July 2010 Congress passed, and President Obama signed into law on July 21, 2010, a mammoth piece (or giant stack) of legislation meant to combat the financial and banking practices that crashed the

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Major Real Estate Listing Sites Combine in All Stock Deal

Many of the highly publicized mergers and acquisitions that have occurred this year and in recent years have been in sectors like pharmaceuticals, and technology (think Silicon Valley). The wheeling and dealing, at least in terms of dollars, is historically high, and as the economy rebounds from a now 6-year old recession, companies and private

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New LLC Rules in California

The start of 2014 also marked the start of a new paradigm for limited liability companies organized under the laws of the state of California. The state legislature and Governor Jerry Brown passed and signed into law, respectively, the California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act (RULLCA). What is an LLC? A limited liability company

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Non-Compete Agreements after an Acquisition

Non-compete agreements are often core provisions in employment contracts, or act as a preferred part of a severance or termination agreement. Non-competes at their core are meant to ensure that a departing employee does not make use of his or her knowledge of trade secrets, processes, client information, and other important and sensitive information related

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Tax-Avoiding Inversions Don’t Let Shareholders Off

Recent developments have contributed to our latest installment in the ongoing drama series of corporate inversions through mergers and acquisitions. The New York Times this past week reported how such repatriation strategies can adversely impact shareholders of the buying company in the transaction. To recap, a popular strategy by American companies has been to acquire

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Bitcoins Continue to Gain Relevance

Bitcoin continues to grow in legitimacy as time goes by. Bitcoin is an artificial currency that has been traded through online exchanges, and has increasingly been used to purchase goods and services online, as well as exchanged for other currency. Bitcoin has garnered growing recognition that has only contributed to its legitimacy. For example, the

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The Volcker Rule

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has brought with it a variety of new laws and avenues for new rules and regulations to change how we govern the financial and banking sectors of our economy. While its effectiveness will be left to the historians both in the short and long term, its

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Mergers at a High in the Recovering Economy

We previously wrote in our blog about the significant spike in hostile takeovers, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the increase in takeovers in Silicon Valley of hardware-specializing companies by other tech companies that primarily engage in software design. Now, the New York Times Dealbook has recently reported the general rise in mergers

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Congress Weighs in on AT&T and DirecTV Merger

In heavily regulated industries, companies must constantly be on top of rules and regulations, as well as make adequate reports as required by the agency or agencies that oversee their activities. Complying with the regulatory strata is also an important aspect of mergers and acquisitions for certain companies. In the United States, the Department of

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