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Where M&A and Regulatory Frameworks Collide

In the M&A world, often a simple deal from two sides is not enough for it to come to fruition. In many areas the government must provide regulatory approval to allow the transaction to go through. For example, the United States Department of Justice typically reviews mergers or acquisitions of significant dollar sizes that involve

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Secured Transactions in California

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a publication of unofficial uniform laws and rules as they pertain to commerce and business. It is published as an effort to make state commercial business laws uniform across the country. No jurisdiction is bound to accept the UCC, as it is created by experts and academics in particular

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M&A Activity Continues to Pick Up

As credit loosens slowly in the country’s and the globe’s slow march back from the depths of the financial and economic recession, there continues to be a reported increase in mergers and acquisitions activity. Such activity has occurred across the economy in various sectors, although telecommunications and pharmaceuticals have tended to really dominate the headlines.

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California Raises the Minimum Wage

One of the major controversial topics when it comes to our economy, labor and employment, has been the current federal and state minimum wage values. The current federal minimum wage stands at $7.25 per hour, but many pro-labor activists have advocated for a substantial increase in that level, possibly to as high as $10.10 per

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Bitcoins Under the Watch of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The latest rage in online currency has met one of the newest innovations of the federal government in the financial world. In recent years, and particularly in the last several months, Bitcoins have taken online commerce by storm. Bitcoins are a digital currency that have been traded on exchanges, and have been used with increasing

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A Different Corporate Inversion

As has been discussed multiple times in this blog space, tax inversion strategies by corporations have been on the rise, and have threatened U.S. tax revenue levels. In short, tax inversions occur through mergers or acquisitions, where an American company buys or joins with a foreign company registered under another country’s laws. Where the resulting

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California Appeals Court Decision on Arbitration Agreement

In recent weeks, a California Court of Appeal, which is the intermediate court to which parties appeal a trial level decision (and sits one step below the highest court in the state – the California Supreme Court), handed down a decision that has significant implications for how workers are treated as “independent contractors” versus “employees.”

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California M&A Deals Requiring Shareholder Approval

California corporations law asserts a bevy of statutory requirements for how corporations deal with one another. This code specifically governs corporations as organized under the corporations laws of the state, as opposed to other entities like limited liability companies or various types of partnerships. The law is important when it comes to mergers and acquisitions,

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