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Push to Raise Minimum Wage in Los Angeles

The topic of a minimum wage has been covered here previously, and continues to be a major source of controversy around the country. Economists have data that demonstrates how, adjusting for inflation, the minimum wage has failed miserably to keep up with the economy over the last several decades, as there was significantly more buying

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Ombudsman Appointed at SEC under Dodd-Frank

Recently the Securities and Exchange Commission finally announced that Tracey L. McNeil will serve as the very first official ombudsman for the agency. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, passed over four years ago, was enacted to overhaul the financial and banking sectors of our economy after the market crash and consequent

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Chiquita Weighs Its Options

In a relatively recent development, the major headline-grabbing controversy of corporate tax inversions, about which we have written extensively here, and the role of major shareholder organizations as influential stakeholders in public companies, have collided. The famous banana company, Chiquita Brands International, had a planned corporate tax inversion in the works recently. This plan was

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A Re-Visit of Going Public as Alibaba Makes Its Offering

Anyone that pays even marginal attention to financial news and the markets may have at least heard mention of the name “Alibaba.” The Alibaba Group has captured headlines increasingly over the last several months, as it has grown from a mere startup company to a mammoth on the Internet in line with other companies like

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Spinning Off in the Hopes of Future Growth

Many companies seek to grow and expand through acquiring or merging with other companies. They merge with other companies within their industry, or acquire others in order to expand their share of the consumer market for the goods and services they provide. In other situations, however, a company may find a more appropriate strategy for

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Can the Treasury Act Alone in the Face of Inversions?

The Obama Administration has come out hard against the trendy practice of corporations repatriating to foreign countries in order to reduce their tax bill. Such strategies have been accomplished largely through mergers and acquisitions, whereby American businesses acquire or merge with foreign businesses, and the resulting entity is a foreign company. By ceding its United

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What is a Closed Corporation?

Many inside and even outside of the legal world have followed this past summer’s headline-grabbing United States Supreme Court decisions and opinions. Such decisions have a profound impact on our country and our society, and are all worth a good look. One particularly notable case was the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores case. Under the

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