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Merger on Hold Pending Bribery Investigation

As detailed in recent reports in the financial papers, a group of private equity firms and big bank Goldman Sachs agreed to sell its holdings in a medical devices company called Biomet to another rival in the same industry called Zimmer Holdings. The deal is valued at around $13.35 billion and made it one of

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Selling Off To Gain Merger Approval

Mergers and acquisitions had a banner year in 2014 in terms of size and value of deals. Companies showed less reticence since the days of the market crash and the long and grueling recovery from our economic recession. In this new paradigm, however, laws, rules and regulations still exist to ensure that mergers and acquisitions

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Delaware’s Take on Poison Puts

Those even moderately familiar with the world of mergers and acquisitions may be familiar with a corporate defensive tactic called a “poison pill,” which company boards of directors use to prevent hostile takeovers by allowing shareholders to buy shares at a discount where another shareholder gains a certain level of ownership that would threaten control

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ABI Proposes New Bankruptcy Asset Sale Rule

In the realm of bankruptcy, different chapters of the U.S. bankruptcy code cover different types of bankruptcy as it applies to individuals or businesses. The most typical form of bankruptcy for a business is called Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. While sometimes bankruptcy is synonymous with liquidating assets to sell off and pay off debts to creditors,

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Part of Volcker Rule Delayed

The “Volcker Rule” was a highly publicized and important part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, put in place in 2010 as a response to the economic meltdown suffered by the United States and around the globe largely as a result of the risky activities of banks and financial institutions. The

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