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Why Incorporate a Business?

There is a whole host of reasons that a business may choose to incorporate. A business’s legal status is incredibly important to its survival, and must reflect its interests and priorities as a legal entity. The chief reasons that a business incorporates tend to be related to favorable protection from liability in certain circumstances. Yet

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Blue Sky Laws

While often focusing on federal securities laws as policing trading of securities, sometimes overlooked is the importance and power of state-level laws that govern securities. Traditionally, these laws are known as “blue sky laws,” and much like federal securities laws, they are implemented to protect investors in public securities from fraud by sellers or issuers.

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The Basics of Business Bonds

Businesses often carry a certain level of debt even as they continue to operate as a healthy business. Companies and firms are constantly taking out certain debt to help fund new initiatives and grow their business, with the strategic plan that the profits gleaned from those advances will more than pay off the debt incurred,

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At-Will Employment

Laws governing employment generally vary from state to state, and also mix in elements of federal law. One such area is at-will employment, as contrasted from employees with contracts providing specific protections and possibly a term of employment. Businesses and employees should understand the at-will doctrine, its implications, and potential exceptions under federal laws or

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Corporate Director and Officer Indemnification Agreements

One of the advantages of incorporating a business is that it shields shareholders from liabilities and debts of the corporation itself, which is treated as its own separate legal entity. However, certain individuals can be subject to personal liability for certain acts of wrongdoing on behalf of the company or in their company-related capacities. A

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The Board of Directors

When a company incorporates under a particular state’s laws, it also forms a Board of Directors. A Board of Directors consists of people who are responsible for the overall strategic decisions of the company, and for the overall direction of the company. The directors are trusted to make decisions in the best interest of the

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Insurance Industry M&A Expected to Rise

M&A on the Rise After the New Year, it was widely reported, and noted in this blog space as well, that 2014 was a tremendous year for mergers and acquisitions. The domestic economy has rebounded from the 2008 market crash and subsequent recession as fiscal injections into the economy and a monetary policy keeping interest

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CA Senate Bill Would Loosen Restrictions on Commercial Loan Referrals

Banks and financial institutions that are lenders or have lending arms issuing loans sometimes gain a loan customer by way of a referral from another business or institution. These entities, or sometimes brokers, are directing their clients or customers to a particular institution for a commercial loan to help grow its business. These clients can

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