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What is a Foreign Company or Corporation in the U.S.?

The term foreign corporation is not necessarily what it may sound like. While there are many companies registered in foreign countries that do business in the United States, this is not specifically what is meant by “foreign” corporation. Rather, the company in question is foreign to a particular state because it is not registered in

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Employee Restricted Stock and Taxation

What is Executive/Employee Restricted Stock? In many companies, executives and employees can own stock as part of their compensation. Since executives and employees generally have an inside track on the health, performance, and expectations of the company, and to ensure they stay long enough to fulfill responsibilities and help the company meet long-term goals, their

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Employee versus Independent Contractor

Businesses must be incredibly careful when hiring workers to classify them as employees or as independent contractors. Not all businesses will directly hire employees to work full-time or to work on premises, and may farm out certain work to freelancers or independent contractors. The distinction between these two employment statuses is crucial to determine obligations

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A Primer on Trademarks for Businesses

In the realm of intellectual property and in the business world, trademarks are of vital importance to a person or entity’s marketing. Trademarks generally include a name or word, or a design, logo, or symbol, which represents and distinguishes a good or service provided by a business or person from others. Sometimes they involve a

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