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Where Should I Incorporate?

As if the rigors of deciding on whether to incorporate one’s business make it difficult enough, as there are so many pros and cons of doing so, when one finally decides to incorporate, the question of where also presents a challenging consideration. The state in which a business decides to incorporate will heavily impact a

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Big Data

In the 21st century age of smart phones, smart pads, razor thin laptops, high speed digital connections, and of course, the cloud, businesses rely on all of these technological innovations and more to make their operations more efficient, streamlined, and ultimately more profitable. Big data, which generally encompasses tremendous datasets, drives modern businesses because it

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Minute Books and Company Records Books

Generally, the law requires that companies maintain detailed and accurate company records or corporate minute books, which consist of detailed records of the company emanating from transactions like contracts, taking out loans or selling bonds, minutes and documentation of deliberations and meetings, as well as resolutions adopted at meetings, to name the major items. Corporations,

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Non-Disclosure Agreements and Protecting Your Business’ Information

Companies and businesses are largely built on original thinking, innovation, ingenuity, and the unique web of personal and business relationships that set them apart and lead to their profit and overall success. Crucial to maintaining this success is the protection of vital and often confidential information from competitors in their respective industries, or from those

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The Importance of Copyright Protection

Copyrights comprise a unique and incredibly important part of intellectual property law to preserve the rights of individuals and businesses to use and benefit from that intellectual property. Put simply, a copyright is governed by federal law in the United States, and gives an exclusive right to the original creator of a type of work

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The Importance of Corporate Bylaws

A company’s by-laws are comprised in a core legal document that dictates precisely how a company will operate. Those companies that incorporate do so with a documents called the Articles of Incorporation, which is an important core legal document and also dictates a company’s day-to-day operations and the responsibilities of the entity, but by-laws are

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