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Protecting Software Rights

We have previously covered the importance of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and the concept of trade secrets as they apply to the intellectual property created by businesses. Asserting ownership rights through proper registration and filing is vital to ensure a business can benefit from a particular innovation or advancement. One particular type of property can be

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The Importance of Talent Retention

Businesses survive on prudent decision-making, creative inventions and innovations, brilliant ideas, smart strategies, reasonable budgeting, and sometimes a willingness to take risks. While much of this rests with leadership in management at the top, so much of it falls to employees who serve as the engine of a business. Talent retention is one of the

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What are Trade Secrets?

In the world of business, particularly where intellectual property and advanced science and technology are involved, people and entities must protect their ideas, formulas, designs, and other original and innovative works, as well as their methods of achieving them. Such things may generally be referred to as “trade secrets.” What constitutes a trade secret? According

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