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Food and Beverage Companies Find Sustainability Supports Profitability

Food and beverage manufacturers who may initially have begun to explore the idea of sustainability to bolster their reputations as environmentally-sensitive organizations now have another reason to pursue it. According to a article, members of the food industry are finding that sustainability efforts boost the bottom line and contribute to profitability, as well. What

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Fair Employment and Housing Council Issues New Regulations for Employers

California’s Fair Employment and Housing Council has issued new regulations for California employers that went into effect on April 1, 2016. While these new regulations do not change existing law, they place additional responsibilities on employers regarding compliance with the Fair Employment and Housing Act.   Employers Must Have a Written Discrimination Prevention Policy The

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Officer and Director Indemnification

Corporate acts of malfeasance grab the public’s attention, particularly when well-known, publicly-traded companies are involved. Often we lay the blame at the feet of high-ranking company executives, who may or may not have been directly involved. What recourse do a company’s board of directors and officers have when sued for committing wrongful acts on the

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Why Keep a Corporate Minute Book?

One of the primary advantages to incorporating a business is that the corporate form protects the business owners from personal liability for the company’s debts and obligations. What some perceive as a disadvantage, however, are the record-keeping rules, particularly the legal requirement to keep a corporate minute book. In fact, a properly-kept minute book can

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Who Owns Employee Inventions?

If one of your employees invents something new while working for you, who owns that invention? Who has the right to patent, sell, or license it? You may be surprised to learn that all your employees’ inventions belong to them, in the absence of a written agreement or other exception to the general rule. It

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Patent vs. Copyright Protection for Computer Software

Computer software can be protected under both patent and copyright law. Which avenue provides a better safeguard has been the subject of heated debate, both nationally and internationally. Here, we consider the advantages and disadvantages of both as a means to protect your company’s intellectual property. Copyright Protection for Software The U.S.Copyright Act gives a

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