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Flood Waters and Food Contamination

Hurricanes can wreak havoc on agriculture that can cause substantial losses and damages to farms. Food waters resulting from hurricanes may contaminate food with sewage, animal waste, harmful bacteria, or chemicals. The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that all flood-affected crops positioned above or below the ground should not be eaten by people,

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The Importance of Employee Handbooks

Creating and maintaining an employee handbook is not only valuable to your employees, but also your company. A well-developed employee handbook ensures clear communication and understanding of the company by all parties involved in the organization. A reliable employment law attorney can help you create an appropriate employee handbook for your company. Your employee handbook

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Creating an LLC

A limited liability company is often referred to as an “LLC.” It is a hybrid-type business formation that combines the pass-through taxation of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the limited liability of a corporation. Your business law attorney can help you decide if forming an LLC is right for you. A major advantage of

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Marketing Your Organic Crops

Individuals, desiring to grow healthy and nutritious homegrown organic vegetables for their communities, families, and friends should select a marketing strategy that works for their food business or farm. Before you start marketing your produce, you should make sure it is market ready. This means the crops are high-quality products that people would like to

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Organic Chickens

When people visit their local supermarket, many of them are concerned with the origins of the foods they buy. They want to know how the product was raised. In the case of poultry and meats, they want to know what the chickens or cattle were fed. Many people are now choosing organic products. One, in

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Writing a Business Plan

A business plan is a written document that details important aspects of your business. An effective business plan is one of the most important documents that serve your company. It outlines your firm’s goals and potentials over a three to five-year projection. It should contain key elements of your business that will interest investors, partners,

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Farming in Drought Areas

Many people believe that the changing weather patterns and the effects of climate change may cause more areas to experience significant amounts of drought. Farmers who live in drought-prone regions will have to explore drought-resistant techniques to grow crops for their communities and make a living at the same time. Below are some suggestions and

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Understanding a Breach of Contract

Contracts are a basic part of doing business. Business owners and entrepreneurs use contracts when they work with employees, partners, or contractors to ensure services are performed satisfactorily by all parties. Sometimes people in business do not always do what they are supposed to do to keep the business process flowing smoothly. In these cases,

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The Impact of Food Technology

Advanced technology is often used in the production processes that create food we eat. During the early era of food technology, the science focused mainly on food preservation. Today, food technology deals with a lot more, from the development of food products, to food safety, and food quality. Food technologists and scientists conduct extensive research

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