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Employee Stock Options

In recent years, there have been more companies deciding to offer stock options to their employees as a part of their compensation plans. It used to be a perk just for senior executives, but now companies are offering stock options to employees at all levels. This has helped employees continue to create a strong investment

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Farming in the Winter Months

What do farmers do during the winter months? This is a question many farmers are asked. The public may think farmers sit around playing cards, twiddling their thumbs in boredom, or catching up with the latest television programs. This could not be further from the truth. Here are some of the things farmers do to

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The 2016 Dirty Dozen and Pesticides

To protect consumers, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) provides a yearly update of its Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce. The recent report states that the United States Department of Agriculture has found 146 different pesticides in thousands of conventionally grown vegetables and fruit. Even when the products were washed or peeled, pesticides still could

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Employment Offer Letters

The success of your company depends on the employees you hire to your team. Building a strong working relationship and understanding between the employee and employer is the foundation to establishing a successful company. This can be obtained in a well-crafted employment offer letter. An employment law attorney can help you create an effective employment

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The Effects of Antibiotics on Food

Antibiotics are given to farm animals for many reasons. They are incorporated into the feed or drinking water of livestock, pigs, or poultry to treat sick animals or prevent disease in healthy animals. They may be administered to farm animals in an effort to control disease in a group of animals that may show signs

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The Importance of a Minute Book

A minute book is important to your company. It maintains a record of the significant decisions, rules, and regulations of your company. It mentions key persons in the company and their responsibilities. It can reveal information about shareholders and other corporate affiliations. There are many legal components to your minute book and you should consult

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Organic Turkeys and the Holiday Season

The most popular holiday bird may not have been a turkey during the first few celebrations of Thanksgiving in our country. Some historians say the main course for those dinners was fowl or deer. Turkeys did not catch on until sometime later. Turkeys became a mainstay on American tables during the 18th century. New Englanders

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Indemnification of Directors and Officers

A corporation can be liable for wrongful acts its directors or officers commit while performing their corporate obligations. Shareholders and outside parties can sue for injuries they received as a result of these careless acts or mistakes made by an officer or director. Many times, a director’s or an officer’s personal assets can be used

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