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Reducing Food Waste

Studies reveal that 40% of the food in America is wasted. Now, that is a lot of food that could be salvaged to feed the poor and hungry across the nation. The reasons for food waste are plenty and include over-production, post-harvest losses, or ineffective business decisions that lead to wasted food. Food banks, restaurants,

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Dissolving a Partnership

Partnerships in business can often be like marriages in our personal lives. They sometimes work and they sometimes do not. Just like marriages, business partnerships can be dissolved. You should take the proper steps to protect yourself within the business relationship and prepare for a partnership to end or two parties to go their separate

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Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture makes good sense. It can be used to produce food and animal products that protect our health, environment, animals, and communities across the globe. As a result, we can eat nutritious foods today and enjoy a healthy future. Sustainable agriculture produces a win-win situation for everyone. So, why isn’t everyone on board with

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Corporate Reorganization

Corporate reorganizations can occur after a takeover, buyout, merger, acquisition, ownership change, or any effort to save a struggling company. Corporate reorganization or restructuring happens in business for many different reasons. Many times, corporate reorganizations happen to increase profits, improve productivity or enhance efficiency in the company. Whatever the reasons are for a corporate reorganization,

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Strategic Management Plans

Business owners and executives desire to make sound and sensible decisions that will impact their companies in a positive way. They can only accomplish this through an effective strategic management plan. Strategic management involves accurately and honestly evaluating your business goals, plans, and objectives to produce profitable outcomes for you and your company. Your business

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Biodiversity involves the vital life support systems for living organisms on our planet. In short, it is the variety of life on Earth and its importance to the survival of us all. It encompasses a variety of ecosystems, services, and natural resources such as crop pollination, water supply, and climate regulation. Farmers depend on biodiversity

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Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

If you have 50 employees or more working at your company, you should become familiar with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). FMLA is a federal statute that allows employees of certain companies up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12-month period without having to be concerned about losing their jobs. The

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Disaster Relief Programs for Farmers and Livestock Producers

Natural disasters can reap havoc on farmland and grazing areas that farmers and livestock producers depend on for their livelihoods. Farmers and livestock producers should stay informed on state and federal programs through the USDA Federal State Agency (FSA) that can help them recover from heavy flooding, storms, or other natural disasters that might take

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