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GMO Ingredients to Avoid

A GMO is a genetically modified organism, plant or animal, whose genetic makeup has been modified by gene splicing, genetic modification, or transgenic technology. Some experts believe this new scientific practice is not safe and creates unnatural combinations of plant or animal genes that may prove harmful to humans. GMOs affect many of the foods

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Foreign Qualification

When a corporation or limited liability company conducts business in any state outside of its state of incorporation, it is required to foreign qualify in that applicable state. Your corporation or LLC is viewed as domestic only in its state of incorporation. When you transact business outside of your state of incorporation, your company is

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Unusual Cow Feed

Your kids may not be the only ones who have a craving for the popular candy, Skittles. It seems cows have a sweet tooth for the sugary sweet, too. A few weeks ago, tons of red skittles were found on a highway in Wisconsin. Apparently, the candy had fallen off a truck that was on

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Starting a Nonprofit Organization

Many entrepreneurs desire to start a nonprofit organization for the good of their communities or simply to make a difference. While a nonprofit is not a money making business, it is still a business. Many times, entrepreneurs seeking to start a nonprofit organization believe they do not need an attorney and try to conduct the

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Employment Law and Your Company

Employment law is important to any workplace environment. Many times, employees and employers do not properly understand the statutes and policies of employment law. Companies need to stay abreast of employment laws that impact their business and employees. Employment law covers many areas, such as hiring, workplace safety, wage and benefits, overtime pay, medical leave,

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The Effects of Farm Fertilizers on Water

Many say our waterways are facing serious challenges with overflowing amounts of nitrogen from farm fertilizers. These harmful pollutants kill fish and ocean life and wreak havoc on our environment. As a result, researchers have found that waterways are now losing their capabilities to filter excess nitrates from fertilizers and sewage. Usually, bacteria can remove

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What is Private Equity?

Private equity, or PE, is a group of investors putting their monies together to increase their buying power and investments in established companies. These investors are seeking to invest in growth-oriented and revenue-generating companies. They desire to be a part of a proven business model that is making a profit. They are more apt to

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Eating Healthy in 2017

Almost everyone makes a New Year’s resolution each year. A new year often brings a desire to make positive changes in one’s life. The goal to eat better or be healthier is usually at the top of most lists. To keep your new year’s wish of eating healthy throughout the year, one must be committed

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The Agricultural Act of 2014

The Agricultural Act of 2014 is also called the 2014 U.S. Farm Bill. The bill authorizes $956 billion in spending for many years for nutrition and agriculture programs. The bill impacts all Americans, as well as millions of other people around the globe. The bill help the USDA increase markets for agricultural products in America

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Funding Your Business

Most businesses fail because they do not have a way to secure adequate funding to start up or remain operational for long-term success. A well-versed business law attorney can help find various funding sources for your project. A good place to start would be learning more about angel investors, venture capitalists, and small business loans.

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