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American Farmers in Crisis

If farmers in the U.S. stopped producing crops and livestock for our dinner tables, it would be devastating to us all. The idea may seem far-fetched to most people, but it is not too far out of the realm of possibility. The American farming industry is in crisis, and the American farmer is struggling to

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Probationary Periods on the Job

Employers use probationary periods in a number of different ways. Probationary periods can be beneficial to the workplace. However, they can cause a variety of legal issues when they are not explained or implemented adequately. You should speak with a qualified employment law attorney to help you understand the pros and cons of probationary periods.

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Attracting More Young People to Jobs in Agriculture

In the eyes of many younger people, agriculture does not have a positive image, and that should change to keep new energy and ideas in the food industry. Some young people see the industry as boring and unimportant. As the farming population continues to age, it is apparent that younger blood needs to be pumped

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Types of Nonprofit Organizations

Many business executives are crossing over to the nonprofit world. Many want to leave the hustle and grind of the corporate arena to a more relaxed and laid back environment for the common good. Nonprofit organizations have no owners and their purposes are to serve the needs of a community or enhance the welfare of

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The Importance of Business Records

Keeping good records is paramount to the success of your business. Proper business record keeping can help you examine the progress of your business and learn areas of growth as well as areas you need to improve. Good record keeping goes hand in hand with accurate financial statements about your business. Records can reveal profit

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Americans Not Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables

Farmers across America work hard to produce quality fruit and vegetables for consumers to eat and stay healthy.  But, according to a new government report, only about one in every 10 Americas consumes enough fruits and vegetables in his or her diet. According to the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, people should eat between five

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Employment Laws to Remember

There are many federal and state laws that protect the American workforce. It is important for employers, whether a large corporation or a small business owner, to understand employment laws and how they impact the workplace. Employment laws can be complex, and you should seek the advice of a knowledgeable employment law attorney to help

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The Power of Organic Milk

Studies reveal that the health benefits of organic milk outweigh those of conventional milk. While consumers may pay more for organic milk, the benefits received are a big pay back to their health and peace of mind. In order for milk at dairies to be considered organic and boast the USDA Organic seal, the cows

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Types of Business Insurance

When starting a business, it is important to make sure you have the right types of insurance to cover unexpected incidents that may disrupt your business or cause you to lose money. Risk management solutions are a major part of a company’s overall success. Your business law attorney can help you create risk management strategies

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