What You Need to Understand About Genetically Modified Foods

Is your business serving or selling genetically modified foods to your customers? You may not know the answer to that question. Here is an overview of what you need to know. Genetically modified foods, foods altered at the cellular level, are not new to the food industry. Food scientists can now genetically modify the DNA

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Paying and Collecting Sales Tax as a Small Business

While the collection of sales tax seems simple in principle, it has become a complex and divisive area of concern for many businesses today. Many states have taken up legislation to require online retailers to pay sales tax in their states whether or not there is an established nexus with the state, and the retailers,

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Safety Self Audits and the Restaurant Industry

As anyone involved in the restaurant industry already knows, restaurants are some of the most heavily regulated businesses in the country. From licensing requirements to health inspections, there is a constant litany of authorities checking up on food service operations. Of course, most restaurant owners find this an onerous burden and an interference with day-to-day

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Hand Washing in the Food Industry

Every time you go to the restroom in a commercial establishment, there are signs commanding that “Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work.” They are present now in office buildings and department stores, not just restaurants. However, in the food service industry, the signs carry (or should carry) more weight. Good hand hygiene is

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Why a Website is Necessary for Success in Business

In this day and age of constant connectivity, the website that a business creates can be the difference between driving traffic and driving traffic away. This is true whether there is an e-commerce component to your business or not. For the purposes of this article, we will divide businesses into two categories — those who

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How Shadowing can Help Business Owners Hire the Right Employee

In the current economic climate, every business owner and hiring manager knows how difficult it can be to recruit new employees and keep them. California reported an unemployment rate of 4.1% for the month of November, the most recent month for which statistics have been published. Such a small candidate pool makes it difficult to

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Should Your New Home Food Business Register as an LLC?

As of January 1, 2019, California law now allows so-called “cottage” food businesses to sell almost any kind of food to the public. Many of you are cheering and getting ready to get out and do what you love – cook and sell food. If you find yourself in this situation, then congratulations! However, there

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Why it is So Hard to Get USDA Organic Certified

One big hurdle organic farmers have to jump through is getting USDA organic certified. While you certainly can run your organic farm without being certified, you will not be able to put that “USDA certified” stamp on your business, which can give your business a lot of credibility in the eyes of consumers. The process

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Challenges Unique to Organic Farmers

  Despite a 6% nationwide increase in sales in 2017, organic farms still only amount to about 1% or less of the total farmland acreage in the United States. That is because organic farmers face many challenges that other farmers do not face, some which are listed below. If you own an organic farm or

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California Finally Legalizes Street Vending

Despite the prevalence of street vendors in California for years, selling street food was illegal in California until a new law passed a couple of months ago legalizing street vendors. Now, the large number of street vendors, many undocumented immigrants who were previously facing not only fines and misdemeanors, but also deportation, can finally sell

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