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After Steep Decline, California Rebounds Against Fellow State Texas

We have previously covered the fairly voluminous legislation signed in recent years that were set to take effect with the drop of the ball and the turn of the New Year. We also previously detailed certain legislation or overall policies that have frustrated business owners, prompting chief executives and other corporate chieftains to declare California

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Bitcoins Seized in Federal Raid of Silk Road Drug Operation

As previously posted, bitcoins have become a popular thing for those interested in expanding their online or digital worlds to the realm of currency. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is traded through peer-to-peer network software, and an actual online public ledger exists to record these payments. Anyone or any entity can acquire bitcoins and

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Facebook Increasing Use of User Data for Ads

Users of the internet, which pretty much means all of us, have more than likely noticed how advertisements on websites, or in email account windows and many other sites, are all selling items or services related to things we just recently emailed about or searched for online. Companies have smartly used our personal web surfing

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Securities Violations Are Still Violations Even With Bitcoins

In recent news it was reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission has made it clear that it intends to enforce securities laws, rules and regulations against users of the new virtual currency known as Bitcoin. The SEC recently fined Erik Voorhees, the co-founder of Bitcoin companies that specifically facilitate the transferring of Bitcoin currency

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Hardware Big in Latest Tech Deals

Silicon Valley may commonly evoke images of brilliant and creative computer programmers hard at work writing the next batch of sophisticated code to create the latest technological innovation and put their companies over the top (if they aren’t already there). The headline-grabbing companies and lucrative mergers and acquisitions in the technology world often have to

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Continuing Controversy Over Executive Pay

Executive compensation has been a hot topic in recent years due to the collapse of the financial system under the watch of some very highly paid management personnel. An angered public has demanded that executive compensation should be reined in, in light of the failures of executives at big banks and other behemoth corporations that

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