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Business Entity Names, Domain Names, and Trademarks

New entrepreneurs and business owners are excited about starting their new business ventures, but often become confused by the differences between the domain names, business entity names, and trademarks of their emerging startups. While all three share similarities, there are differences between them. It is important to understand the differences and how they will impact

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Is Going Public Right for You?

At the beginning of a new year, many companies seek ways to grow their businesses. Some companies may be considering going public in 2018. Going public means a company offers its initial public offering, or IPO, by selling its share of stocks to the public. The shares will be listed on a stock exchange. The

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Legally- Versus Non-Legally-Binding Contracts

With any company, whether a start-up or an established firm, contracts are a major part of the business. A business owner will sign a variety of contracts with a wide variety of entities. A business law attorney can help you draft the appropriate contacts to serve your company and business needs. Legally Binding Contracts A

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Commercial Leasing Agreements

Your business has grown to the point that you need to start looking for office space. Growth is an exciting time for any emerging business because the possibilities can seem limitless. Every small business wants to grow. However, if your startup business needs to relocate from your home garage to a full-fledged office space, you

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Types of Nonprofit Organizations

Many business executives are crossing over to the nonprofit world. Many want to leave the hustle and grind of the corporate arena to a more relaxed and laid back environment for the common good. Nonprofit organizations have no owners and their purposes are to serve the needs of a community or enhance the welfare of

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Types of Business Insurance

When starting a business, it is important to make sure you have the right types of insurance to cover unexpected incidents that may disrupt your business or cause you to lose money. Risk management solutions are a major part of a company’s overall success. Your business law attorney can help you create risk management strategies

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Funding Your Business

Most businesses fail because they do not have a way to secure adequate funding to start up or remain operational for long-term success. A well-versed business law attorney can help find various funding sources for your project. A good place to start would be learning more about angel investors, venture capitalists, and small business loans.

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Corporate Reorganization

Corporate reorganizations can occur after a takeover, buyout, merger, acquisition, ownership change, or any effort to save a struggling company. Corporate reorganization or restructuring happens in business for many different reasons. Many times, corporate reorganizations happen to increase profits, improve productivity or enhance efficiency in the company. Whatever the reasons are for a corporate reorganization,

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Strategic Management Plans

Business owners and executives desire to make sound and sensible decisions that will impact their companies in a positive way. They can only accomplish this through an effective strategic management plan. Strategic management involves accurately and honestly evaluating your business goals, plans, and objectives to produce profitable outcomes for you and your company. Your business

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Indemnification of Directors and Officers

A corporation can be liable for wrongful acts its directors or officers commit while performing their corporate obligations. Shareholders and outside parties can sue for injuries they received as a result of these careless acts or mistakes made by an officer or director. Many times, a director’s or an officer’s personal assets can be used

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