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How Shadowing can Help Business Owners Hire the Right Employee

In the current economic climate, every business owner and hiring manager knows how difficult it can be to recruit new employees and keep them. California reported an unemployment rate of 4.1% for the month of November, the most recent month for which statistics have been published. Such a small candidate pool makes it difficult to

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Preparing Your Business for Tax Season

The tax man comes every year around April 15th, and it is important to keep abreast of tax laws that impact your business. Tax season is a stressful time for any business owner, but you can make the tax season less taxing if you allow your business law attorney to help you. Your business attorney

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The Best States (Besides Delaware) to Incorporate

Delaware is perennially popular as a state for incorporating new businesses, but it is not the only option. Other states are becoming increasingly well-recognized as business havens, largely because of favorable tax treatment. If you are forming a new business, here are some things to keep in mind. Deciding Where to Incorporate Consider the way

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Foreign Qualification of Your Business

The first thing one might think when they hear “foreign qualification” is certain requirements or rules that one must do before traveling abroad. In the area of corporate business, foreign qualification means something vastly different. Most states require that in order to transact and conduct business in a state, they must formally incorporate their entity.

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Benefits of Incorporation

The establishment of a small business venture can be intimidating. Who will purchase my products? What will ensure that my product stands out and it unique from the others? How will my service differ from my competitors? Will my profits outweigh my costs? These are all inquiries that a small business owner should take into

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What Does a Board of Directors Do?

When a corporation is founded there are several provisions that must be met at the time of filing. Usually when the founders of the corporations envision the operation of their businesses, they see themselves as the boss, the decision-maker, or the superior in the hierarchy of individuals involved. Oftentimes, founders are reluctant in relinquishing any

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Bylaws: What are They and Why are They Vital in a Corporation?

When a corporate entity is established and the necessary filings are made with the state or federal governmental department, there must be a set of rules implemented that governs the activity within the corporation. These rules that lay out the inner workings of an organization are referred to as bylaws. Bylaws merely formalize decision-making, describe

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Human Resources

It is your first day on the job and you are excited and anxious about your new employment. New employee orientation begins and you are introduced to your supervisor, given an employee handbook, and the lady from Human Resources enters the room shortly after. She discusses topics such as compensation, benefits, EEOC procedures, and sick/holiday

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Choosing the Right Intellectual Property Protection for Your Software

United States laws provide four main ways to protect your intellectual property. A business may choose to use copyright, patent, trademark, or trade secret laws to build a strong intellectual property portfolio. In cases where a protectable intellectual property asset could fall under multiple categories, the choice deserves great consideration and strong legal guidance. One

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What are Trademarks?

The famous Nike swoosh, the golden arch of McDonald’s, and the vicious feline that adorns every Jaguar are all examples of trademarks. Trademarks are designs or symbols that serve as identifiers for products or services. Trademarks are generally found on a package, label, or even the product itself. It is best that trademarks remain unique

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