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Insurance Industry M&A Expected to Rise

M&A on the Rise After the New Year, it was widely reported, and noted in this blog space as well, that 2014 was a tremendous year for mergers and acquisitions. The domestic economy has rebounded from the 2008 market crash and subsequent recession as fiscal injections into the economy and a monetary policy keeping interest

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CA Senate Bill Would Loosen Restrictions on Commercial Loan Referrals

Banks and financial institutions that are lenders or have lending arms issuing loans sometimes gain a loan customer by way of a referral from another business or institution. These entities, or sometimes brokers, are directing their clients or customers to a particular institution for a commercial loan to help grow its business. These clients can

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Citigroup Sells off Profitable Lending Arm

Companies, banks, financial institutions are often faced with the dilemma of having to make their businesses leaner and more efficient. This will often include a divestiture of an arm or unit of the company or a significant sector that, due to inefficiencies, high costs, low revenue, or other reasons, is less than optimally profitable. A

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Shareholder Rights and Activism

Companies in the United States that are publicly traded must comply with a bevy of securities and exchange laws that affect their corporate governance, how shareholders are treated, and so much more. Shareholder rights are a major part of a public company going public, as are shareholder resolution proposals. Levels of Shareholders Rights Companies issue

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Fed and OCC Take Rare Step of Public Regulatory Hearing

Regulatory Approval Process for Big Deals As those familiar with mergers and acquisitions know, big dollar deals are often subject to regulatory approval by the government. This is largely because the government must ensure that the relevant marketplace for a particular business remains competitive within a specific industry. Antitrust laws are meant to ensure that

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The Impact of Dodd-Frank Nearly Five Years Later

It is hard to believe, but this summer we will be hitting the five-year anniversary of the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  This was the legislation spurred by the risky behavior of banks and financial institutions as well as the “no problem, we’ll pay it down later” attitude of

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Silicon Valley Not Immune to Insider Trading

 What is Insider Trading? Insider trading is an illegal practice that threatens the integrity of our markets and our economy.  While some may claim the crime is victimless, it in fact creates numerous victims who are the ones playing by the rules while insiders take advantage of their connections and access to gain and trade

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The Role of EBITDA in Mergers & Acquisitions

What is EBITDA? In the realm of mergers and acquisitions, there are numerous factors that companies or firms must consider in selling or buying. While people typically tend to focus on strategy, financing and overall structure post-merger or post-acquisition, there are always tax considerations that will influence the decision to make a deal, and how

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