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Independent Contractors vs. Employees

Independent contractors are growing in popularity in the workforce. More companies are relying on the knowledge and expertise of independent contractors for certain jobs in their firms. It is important to know the differences between an employee and independent contractor. You need to be sure that the individual is, in fact, an independent contractor. If

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Employee Stock Purchase Plans

An employee stock purchase plan offers employers one way to attract and retain quality employees by allowing employees to participate in the company’s future profitability. Unlike stock option plans, which are typically limited to high-ranking employees, an ESPP can be open to virtually all workers. Read on for more information about this relatively low-cost employee

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Talent Retention: “Managing to Keep Your Employees”

As a business owner or founder, you must take into account all profit, risks, losses, and expenses that occur while in operation of your business. Many are reluctant to start up enterprises of their own due to the massive amount of overhead costs. All involved are looking to be paid and oftentimes due dates fall

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The independent Contractor and the Employee

There has been a significant strain on the job market lately. Those with a wealth of experience and loads of education are settling for jobs for which they are underpaid and over-qualified. Business administration, history, or English majors are accepting low-paying call center jobs with no problem. In other words, most people are not as

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Considerations When Hiring an At-Will Employee

For an employee, having a long-term contract with an employer can create a strong sense of security. However, for an employer, a long term contract can become problematic when trying to dismiss an employee who, though not meeting the contractual terms for dismissal, is none the less a lack-luster employee. While there may be good

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Employee Protections in the Private Sector

In the last twenty years, the emergence of whistleblowers has had a profound impact on the financial and banking sectors. A whistleblower is an individual, typically an employee, who by way of that employment is privy to information that some fraud, illegality, or impropriety was committed by their company – typically committed by or condoned

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Employee versus Independent Contractor

Businesses must be incredibly careful when hiring workers to classify them as employees or as independent contractors. Not all businesses will directly hire employees to work full-time or to work on premises, and may farm out certain work to freelancers or independent contractors. The distinction between these two employment statuses is crucial to determine obligations

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