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How To Avoid a Misappropriation Lawsuit and Maintain The Confidentiality of Your Trade Secrets

Last October, California-based startup Zettaset, the leader in secure Big Data management, sued Intel Corp., the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Santa Clara for breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, and intentional misrepresentation.  Zettaset claims that “among other things… Intel unlawfully

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Class-Action Lawsuit Against Ride-Share Company Uber May Test California Employment Law

Ride-sharing startups are stirring things up in California.  Ride-sharing companies, such as Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and FlightCar, are in the business of providing vehicles-for-hire.  Using mobile apps and other online programs, these ride-sharing companies connect users in need of transportation with non-professional drivers driving their own cars.  In 2010, the California Public Utilities Company (CPUC)

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Startups and Other California Businesses Need To Be Ready for The Changing Landscape of Patent Law

All over the country, including here in California, startups and small businesses are holding their collective breaths and hoping that the House of Representatives passes the Innovation Act of 2013 (the “Act”).  Last week, the House Judiciary Committee voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Act, and yesterday, the White House came out in support of

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California Supreme Court Again Delves Into Arbitration Agreements

The Federal Arbitration Act of 1925 (FAA) provides that arbitration agreements are “valid, irrevocable and enforceable, and entitled to the same respect as other contracts.”  In spite of this, the California Supreme Court several years ago struck down an arbitration clause in a consumer agreement because the arbitration agreement did not permit the consumer to

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Patent Trolls Are Facing Investigation by FTC and Increased Court Transfers

It has been two weeks since we last addressed the issue of patent reform and patent trolling, and it seems that once again the issue is making headlines in the business and legal communities.  According to pandodaily, the site-of-record for Silicon Valley startups, “[t]he Federal Trade Commission has proposed a study that would put patent

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Discussion Draft Bill Aimed at Patent Trolling is Applauded by California Tech Companies

It seems we cannot go one week without hearing about patent troll litigation and this week is no exception.  Last week, we discussed a report issued by the Government Accountability Office on August 22, which raised questions about whether patent trolling is really a big problem for businesses and whether patent trolls are truly the

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California Businesses Take Note: Unpaid Internships in the News Again

Vallentino Smith, a 25-year-old from Queens, New York, is suing Donna Karan International over his unpaid internship in 2009.  Smith, who was an undergraduate intern hoping to gain marketing experience, claims that he worked 16 hours per week without pay at the company’s Manhattan headquarters.  The company allegedly told Smith the internship would be a

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Teamwork and Collaboration Can Produce Happier Employees, Greater Success for Your Business, and Fewer Legal Headaches

China Labor Watch is a New York-based non-government organization founded in 2000, to defend the rights of workers in China.  Last month, China Labor Watch released a report documenting the working conditions of laborers at Apple supplier Pegatron. The report concludes that workers at Pegatron’s Chinese factories are working too many hours in poor conditions.

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Employee Training Can Ensure a Good Beginning for Your Startup

Last week, the former communications director for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner filed a lawsuit against him and the city accusing the Mayor of sexual harassment.  Since then, several other female staff member and constituents have come forward with similar accusations against Mr. Filner.  This week, the Mayor’s attorney argued in a letter to the

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U.S. Supreme Court Hears Gene Patent Case

The United States Supreme Court has been busy this term with cases affecting intellectual property.  Remember recent news surrounding the Monsanto/Roundup Ready patent infringement case, which could have significant implications for California farmers?  This time, the issue is not soybean seeds, but the patentability of human genes, and the Supreme Court’s decision could have a significant

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