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Chiquita Weighs Its Options

In a relatively recent development, the major headline-grabbing controversy of corporate tax inversions, about which we have written extensively here, and the role of major shareholder organizations as influential stakeholders in public companies, have collided. The famous banana company, Chiquita Brands International, had a planned corporate tax inversion in the works recently. This plan was

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Can the Treasury Act Alone in the Face of Inversions?

The Obama Administration has come out hard against the trendy practice of corporations repatriating to foreign countries in order to reduce their tax bill. Such strategies have been accomplished largely through mergers and acquisitions, whereby American businesses acquire or merge with foreign businesses, and the resulting entity is a foreign company. By ceding its United

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M&A Activity Continues to Pick Up

As credit loosens slowly in the country’s and the globe’s slow march back from the depths of the financial and economic recession, there continues to be a reported increase in mergers and acquisitions activity. Such activity has occurred across the economy in various sectors, although telecommunications and pharmaceuticals have tended to really dominate the headlines.

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California M&A Deals Requiring Shareholder Approval

California corporations law asserts a bevy of statutory requirements for how corporations deal with one another. This code specifically governs corporations as organized under the corporations laws of the state, as opposed to other entities like limited liability companies or various types of partnerships. The law is important when it comes to mergers and acquisitions,

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Congress Weighs in on AT&T and DirecTV Merger

In heavily regulated industries, companies must constantly be on top of rules and regulations, as well as make adequate reports as required by the agency or agencies that oversee their activities. Complying with the regulatory strata is also an important aspect of mergers and acquisitions for certain companies. In the United States, the Department of

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Ticking Fees in M&A Deals

In prior blogs, we discussed the use of termination fees or breakup fees, as well as reverse termination/breakup fees in corporate transactions. These fees are used for different reasons and in different ways, with risk being allocated toward a particular party in the deal to cover the possibility they may find another partner, or may

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