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The Decline in Organic Milk

At one-time, organic milk was wildly popular with health-conscious consumers. Supermarkets could not keep organic milk on the shelves. Now, the organic milk industry is experiencing  a significant decline in demand. Organic milk is produced from cows that have not been treated with antibiotics. Organic milk cows eat organically certified feed, and they graze in

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Native American Contributions to the Modern Food Industry

Native American tribal communities have played a major role in cultivating the food industry in the United States as we know it. They were the first caretakers of the land. Those early Native Americans learned that if you take care of the land, the land will take care of you. They were the original sustainable

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The Effects of Climate Change on Food

Food is one of our society’s major necessities. One of the biggest threats to the security of food is climate change. Climate change is considered to be any change in a climate system, which may include volcanic eruptions, adjustments in solar activity, or changes in weather patterns. The changing weather patterns that are becoming more

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The Power of Organic Milk

Studies reveal that the health benefits of organic milk outweigh those of conventional milk. While consumers may pay more for organic milk, the benefits received are a big pay back to their health and peace of mind. In order for milk at dairies to be considered organic and boast the USDA Organic seal, the cows

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Unusual Cow Feed

Your kids may not be the only ones who have a craving for the popular candy, Skittles. It seems cows have a sweet tooth for the sugary sweet, too. A few weeks ago, tons of red skittles were found on a highway in Wisconsin. Apparently, the candy had fallen off a truck that was on

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Organic Turkeys and the Holiday Season

The most popular holiday bird may not have been a turkey during the first few celebrations of Thanksgiving in our country. Some historians say the main course for those dinners was fowl or deer. Turkeys did not catch on until sometime later. Turkeys became a mainstay on American tables during the 18th century. New Englanders

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Organic Chickens

When people visit their local supermarket, many of them are concerned with the origins of the foods they buy. They want to know how the product was raised. In the case of poultry and meats, they want to know what the chickens or cattle were fed. Many people are now choosing organic products. One, in

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Organic vs. Non-GMO Foods

Increasingly health-conscious consumers are giving a boost to both organic foods and non-genetically modified foods. According to FoodDive.com, consumers’ desire for production transparency and clear labeling is leading food producers to remove artificial ingredients, trans fats, and high-fructose corn syrup, as well as including organic and non-GMO seals on their labels. For example, as this

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California’s Organic Food Program

Consumption of organic food is on the rise and the number of those who have chosen to stick to an organic regime is growing each year. Those unfamiliar always inquire, “What is organic?” “What is the difference between organic food and regular food?” The simple response would be: The Process. Organic crops must be grown

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Increase in Organic Food Recalls a Positive Indicator

Food recalls can cause public panic, especially within certain demographics such as children, pregnant women, older adults, and people suffering from certain serious diseases. Recalls are sometimes issued out of an abundance of caution, mislabeling of products, or a concern about a possible allergen. However, in some cases recalls can result from reports of people

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