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Update on Patent Trolling: What Your Startup and Small Business Should Know

Last year, we devoted considerable attention to an issue that impacts many small businesses and startups: Patent trolling. As a reminder, patent trolls, or patent assertion entities, are shell companies that exist solely for the purpose of asserting that they should be reimbursed because they hold patents that are being infringed upon, mostly by an

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Startups and Other California Businesses Need To Be Ready for The Changing Landscape of Patent Law

All over the country, including here in California, startups and small businesses are holding their collective breaths and hoping that the House of Representatives passes the Innovation Act of 2013 (the “Act”).  Last week, the House Judiciary Committee voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Act, and yesterday, the White House came out in support of

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Two Legislative Victories for Startups and Entrepreneurs

As 2013 winds to a close, and friends and family gather at Thanksgiving tables across the country, startups in California and across the United States are giving thanks for two legislative actions.  The first legislative initiative, and one which impacts startups across the country, concerns an issue we have discussed many times over the last

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Patent Trolling Provokes the Ire of VCs and Comes Before the House Judiciary Committee

Patent assertion entities (PAEs), or patent trolls, are in the news again.  On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee began expedited hearings on a comprehensive patent reform bill.  Last week, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Representative Bob Goodlatte introduced the Innovation Act of 2013.  Several weeks ago, we discussed provisions of the Act when it was in

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Patent Trolls Are Facing Investigation by FTC and Increased Court Transfers

It has been two weeks since we last addressed the issue of patent reform and patent trolling, and it seems that once again the issue is making headlines in the business and legal communities.  According to pandodaily, the site-of-record for Silicon Valley startups, “[t]he Federal Trade Commission has proposed a study that would put patent

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Discussion Draft Bill Aimed at Patent Trolling is Applauded by California Tech Companies

It seems we cannot go one week without hearing about patent troll litigation and this week is no exception.  Last week, we discussed a report issued by the Government Accountability Office on August 22, which raised questions about whether patent trolling is really a big problem for businesses and whether patent trolls are truly the

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Are Patents Trolls Really a Problem for Businesses?

In July, we raised the issue of patent trolling.  See How Patent Trolls Are Stirring Up California’s Tech Industry, July 19, 2013; What The Government is Doing to Regulate and Restrict Patent Trolling, July 24, 2013.  As a reminder, patent trolls are shell companies that exist solely for the purpose of asserting that they should

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